Blue Mountains Tai Chi with Tony Ward

Tai Chi is one of the few disciplines where young and old can practice together, where, as you get older you can continue to improve your skill in all aspects and levels, whether as a martial art or for a healthy mind and body.

The art of Tai Chi is a practical application of the principles of Taoism. Through the daily practice of forms and partner work, we cultivate our awareness, sensitivity and balance, which transforms the way we move, stand, act and interact in all aspects of our life. And as we develop and refine the principles we can create a state of aliveness – physically, energetically and spiritually.

It only requires an attitude of genuine enquiry, patience and perseverance. The principles of the art, although simple, are truly profound.

Tony Ward is a direct student of the legendary Tai Chi Master, Huang Sheng Shyan and has over 40 years of experience in various styles of Chinese and Japanese martial arts. He is an internationally recognised teacher who has studied martial arts in China, Taiwan, Malaysia and Australia.

Based in Leura in Sydney’s beautiful Blue Mountains, Tony is available for private tuition and will soon be running classes.

“No chatter in your mind. The only way to go to the source and find out what is happening is through the body.

What you find is the most important lesson people can learn from Tai Chi.

To become connected to their own nature. To become oneself. To be healthy in all aspects. To live in balance.”

Interview with Tony Ward

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Tony Ward and Huang Shen Shyang